Lawn and Garden

Tips for Summer


  • It is best to deeply water your plants and lawn a few times than to lightly water many times.
  • Watering in the early morning is best. Watering midday when the temperatures are hot is inefficient because the water will evaporate too quickly and watering in the evening can cause several diseases.
  • Your lawn needs a minimum of 1" of water per week, more in times of drought.
  • Despite proper watering grass may still go dormant and turn brown during summer months, but if properly cared for it will recover in the Fall.
  • Remember to water any plants you may have on your deck, patio, or porch.  Considering moving plants into a shaded area on very hot days if they are struggling under the conditions.



  • It is important that your grass has adequate fertilizer even in the summer.
  • Remove weeds from grass as they steal nutrients from the lawn.
  • Raise mower heights to help protect your grass from going dormant. The extra length of the grass will help to shade and protect the roots.



  • Check your trees for dead hanging limbs that you might need to cut away. Thunderstorms are frequent during the summer and tree limbs can do a great deal of damage.
  • Check to see if your trees are encroaching on your home or garage and need to be trimmed back.
  • Plants are often installed near AC units to help hide them.  Make sure that plants are not growing into the unit which could potentially cause damage.
  • Summer is a good time to trim different plants, some will even re-bloom if properly cut back.