Seasonal Tips

Tips for Spring

     Spring cleanup prepares your landscape for summer. If not done your landscape can get out of control very quickly!


     Cut back all your perennials and ornamental grasses. Most perennials can be cut back right to the base. However, some perennials need to have some growth left behind, such as the woody Russian Sage.

     Remove leaves and debris from bed areas and rake or de-thatch lawn areas. Prune shrubs and trees. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches.

     Edging all your landscape beds will define the line between the landscape and lawn. This prevents the turf from growing into the mulch too. Edging adds definition to your landscape and gives it a well maintained look!


     Along with edging, mulch helps create a defined and well maintained look to your landscape. No more than 2″ of mulch should exist throughout your plantings. If there is existing mulch you may only need to top dress with 1-2″ every spring.

     By applying mulch, you will help minimize weed growth, help with moisture retention in the soil, and regulate the ground temperature.


     Spring is a perfect time to plant. With the temperatures still cool, plants are able to adjust to their new environment with minimal stress from heat and drought. It is also a good time to divide and transplant any existing perennials that have become overgrown.


     Apply fertilizer this spring to start feeding you lawn. A proper fertilizer program allows the lawn to have continuous feeding throughout the season, along with weed control applications your lawn will stay healthy weed free and green all season long.

     This is a great guide to follow. If you don’t have time, but want to have your landscape well maintained Eastside Landscaping’s professional crews are equipped to service all your spring cleanup needs! Call today for a free consultation 216-381-0070